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Citizen's Service Centres (K.E.P.)

In the Citizen''s Service Centres (KEP), the citizen can be informed of all matters covering Public Administration and apply to obtain official documentation from diverse State Departments. Thus he avoids time-consuming bureaucratic processes and limits his movements to one only point; a ‘one-stop shop''.

How it operates

The citizen is informed by specialised K.E.P. staff on all questions of Public Administration. If a customer wants, he/she submits a request that concerns one of the 420 administrative processes that make up the remit of K.E.P., and the staff fills in an electronic application on behalf of the citizen. Then the application is dispatched via the centre to the responsible service where it is also officially stamped. The K.E.P. staff member follows up the progress of any issuing of official documentation to its conclusion, thus freeing the citizen from any unnecessary movement. Upon completion of process, the citizen can receive his/her documents from K.E.P. or the service to which it was addressed, or it can be sent by post or courier to his/her address.

Opening Hours

From 8am to 8pm during the week and from 8am to 2pm on Saturday. 24 hour telephone information from 1464

The 420 certified administrative processes are accompanied by their corresponding forms. These forms contain all the essential information on the rapid and reliable transaction of affairs, while being user-friendly to citizens, enterprises and employees. For a list of administrative processes, visit the page of the Ministry:

Contact details

1st: Androgeon 2, 712.02 Tel.: 2810-276700, Fax: 2810-276708

2nd: Plastira 130 and Panassanou 1, 71201 Tel.: 2810-331181 Fax: 281033118

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