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The Wireless (WiFi) Network of Heraklion



The Wireless Network of Heraklion is an effort of the City to offer residents of a broadband service for free. Using technology devices WiFi, such as laptops, PDA and some newer mobile phones can connect to the Internet when you are within range of the service.

The wireless network serves the interior of the municipality, but also outdoors. Specifically, the building site covered the Multicenter Androgeo the hall and the foyer on the second floor and the fourth floor. City Hall - Loggia, rooms Venizelos and Papandreou have wireless network.

To connect to the network, simply activate the WiFi on your device and select the network SSID: municipality_of_heraklion. To give equal opportunity for everyone to enjoy this service, but to prevent abuse of the service, a daily time limit network connectivity and speed limit.

We hope you enjoy this free service offered by the Municipality of Heraklion on the residents.

Outdoors, the range of the network you can see the map below.

The Wireless Network of Heraklion developed then, and there are plans for even more coverage in the near future. Therefore, the chart will be updated gradually as the network expands.

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