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Heraklion: Smart21 communities of 2013

Smart21Great success for the city of Heraklion. Announced by ICF Co-founder Louis Zacharilla the list of 21 most "smart" cities in the world for 2013. The assessment made ​​by the Intelligent Communities Forum organization based in New York.
The city of Heraklion in recent years strengthens the 'ecosystem' IT and communications, accelerating the continuous change in a leading smart city with a strong brandname.
The vision "Heraklion: Smart City 'has been adopted by the institutions of the city recently formed a committee for collective promotion and management vision. The Municipality of Heraklion, University of Crete, the Foundation for Research and Technology, the TEI of Crete and Heraklion Chamber carefully plan the next steps in the implementation of large ICT projects actions in the framework of the new European policy of smart specialization in the field of innovation and new technologies.


Environmental Awards 2013 - Wastewater Management

The prizeImportant National Distinction awarded to the Municipality of Heraklion and more specifically to the Municipal Water and Drainage Organisation (DEYAI), this time on the application of modern technology with many innovations in wastewater management.

DEYAI is the only Municipal Corporation in its field to be honored with this award.

This award that was established by the PPC for the yearly contest Environmental Awards 2013 adds to recent international awards won by the Municipality of Heraklion by the Council of Europe for innovative interventions.

European Best Practice Award for Coastal Towns

The prizePresident of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Jean-Claude Mignon and President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities Keith Whitmore announced today the results of the Best Practice Award Programme for European Coastal Towns, at a ceremony during the Parliamentary Assembly session in Strasbourg.

The initiative to reward best local practices for the regeneration of coastal towns was launched by the Council of Europe in January 2012, in the framework of the Chairmanship by the United Kingdom of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers.

First Prize - European Energy Award - MEDEEA

The PrizeNew International Distinction awarded to the Municipality of Heraklion on the policies employed in the field of energy saving policies implemented in recent years.

The announcement was made in Nicosia in International Conference Program «MEDEEA-Implementation of the European Energy Award in Mediterranean areas"

The Municipality of Heraklion received the highest score to the assessment made between municipalities from 7 nations, namely Italy, Spain, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Cyprus and Greece in the field of energy conservation.

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