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WINPOL – INTERREG EUROPE “Waste Management Intelligent Systems and Policies”


Project Title:


“Waste Management Intelligent Systems and Policies”


Project summary WINPOL

The Municipality of Heraklion participates as partner in the European Project WINPOL -“Waste Management Intelligent Systems and Policies, implemented under the Interreg EUROPE 2014-2020 Program and co-funded by the European Regional Development.

In recent years, technology and innovation have reached the field of waste. They offer an excellent opportunity to improve policies aiming to minimise waste generation and reach resource efficiency. However, the degree of introduction of innovative equipment and practices varies significantly from one territory to another.

This is why the WINPOL project has been launched. Its aim? Improving policies for waste management so that they increasingly foster and promote the use of intelligent equipment and planning derived of it, significantly contributing to waste minimisation in European cities and regions, through improved management procedures and awareness campaigns.

The 9 project partners are joining forces to mainstream the use of intelligent equipment and related waste management policies on their territories and beyond. They will do so in two different phases:

Phase 1 - “Interregional Learning”

During that phase, partners will identify good practices, exchange experiences and elaborate action plans on the transfer of good practices and experiences on their territories. All good practices identified will be compiled in a handbook, available to all. Several study-visits are foreseen to understand the situation on the partner territories and to discover good practices from other cities, namely Bergen (Norway) and Ghent (Belgium).

Phase 2 - “Monitoring of the Action Plan Implementation”

This phase will focus on the implementation of the action plans produced with the aim of improving partners’ policy instruments.

It is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund  by 85% and National Resources by 15%.

The WIN POL partnership:

1. EMULSA. Municipal Company of Urban Environment Services of Gijón (Lead partner)

2. ACR+, Association of Cities and Regions for the Recycling and Sustainable Management of

Resources. , Belgium

3. City of Antwerp, Belgium

4. ERA, Environment and Resources Authority, Malta

5. Region of Crete, Greece

6. Municipality of Heraklion, Greece

7. Snaga, company for waste management and other utility services, Slovenia

8. Drobeta Turnu Severin City Hall, Romania

9. Mehedinti County Council, Romania


Total Project budget: 1,437,238 €


Municipality of Heraklion Budget: 83.911 €


Duration of the project: 1st of June 2018 – 30th of November 2022 (54 months)


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