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Web & Mobile Applications for Heraklion


Α. Heraklion of Venetian domination - A dynamic virtual tour application

Το Ηράκλειο της ενετοκρατίας


Heraklion of Venetian domination, the Candia of 1640, comes alive through a dynamic virtual tour application that allows the user (resident, visitor, educational community) to travel digitally in time and space and to acquire multi-level and varied information in Greek and English . The innovation of this action lies in the fact that the screen of the user's portable device is transformed into a "window" over time. As the application user moves within the boundaries of the old city, through specific routes, the Venetian Candia unfolds in front of him. Using the GPS, the compass and the gyroscope, the city with its monuments, either existing today or otherwise lost or lost over time, comes alive on the user's screen. An "experiential" physical and real-time guided tour of the historic city center through new technologies and three-dimensional photorealistic representations. Texts, photographic material, narratives, offer more information about the city's monuments or some of its particular points.


Β. Modern City Guide

 Σύγχρονος ηλεκτρονικός οδηγός πόλης 


A modern electronic city guide for smart mobile devices (tablet, smartphones, android, iOs), where the user, depending on his or her interests and time, can navigate the city's attractions through an attractive aesthetics environment, with rich photographic material, texts and acoustic guided tours.

The top ten and "auto tour" of the city ...

For those who do not have the time, the "top ten" offers the city's most important attractions, while the "automatic sightseeing tour" informs them of the monuments that are on their way.

With the "Museums" option, visitors have a full guide to the museums of the city and the surrounding area, while for those looking for the city's specifics, they are offered walks in areas of particular interest, points beating the heart of the city day and night. In the sections "Venetian fortification" and "Venetian Harbor", the user knows from near the Venetian town, the Candia that was the capital of the kingdom of Crete.



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