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Venetian Fountains

One of the first concerns of the Venetian leadership was the supply of water to the thirsty city of Chandakas, which was lacking in spring water. This was accomplished with the construction of cisterns and wells, public and private ones. Various fountains of the period are preserved with an elaborate decoration ornamenting the old city of Heraklion.











Bembo Fountain: Made by "capitano" Gianmatteo Bembo between 1552-1554, it dominates in today's Kornarou square, next to a later Turkish philanthropic fountain. It is decorated with coats of arms and other elements of the renaissance and of gothic type, while in the middle a big headless statue stands out of the roman period. The spring is ornated with floral and embossed elements.












Sagredo Fountain: Made by Giovanni Sagredo between 1602-1604, part of it has been built in the Northwest corner of today's Loggia (Town Hall) and it is decorated with a carved female statue which according to Gerola's description probably with the left hand she was holding a shield, while with the right one a kind of a big hammer for display, representing the personification of Crete.









Morosini Fountain: (The so called Lion's fountain). One of the most known fountains of Heraklion, point of reference for its inhabitants, but also for the visitors. Today it is one of the most beautiful monuments of the city. The «General Provisioner» Francesco Morosini made it in 1628, who, within a complicated for that period, system of pipes he managed to bring water from the Archanes' springs to the thirsty town of Heraklion. The eight-lobe cistern, which is based on a special stand, is decorated with embossed mythological depictions and maritime figures like tritons, dolphins and various coats of arms, while the water was flowing from the mouths of four lions. At the very top of the fountain there was a supernatural statue of Poseidon that was standing out but fell probably due to an earthquake. During the Turkish period the fountain went into a vulgar modulation with the addition of a baldachin (ciborium) around it which was later taken away. Morosini, on the occasion of the inauguration coined a special medal with his figure from one side and the fountain on the other.



Priuli Fountain: The «General Provisioner» Antonio Priuli made it in 1666 and it is situated today behind the "Bodosakeio" Primary School (in the area of the Venetian Dermata Gate). He decorated it with round and square columns with Corinthian type capitals, while a triangular pediment crowns the whole construction. From both sides of the columns there are niches with their metopes elaborately decorated. In the middle of the fountain there is a Turkish inscription where there is a reference to the name of the Turkish pasha who managed to bring water again in the fountain.

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