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The Municipal Region of Paliani (former Municipality of Paliani based in Venerato) joined the Municipality of Heraklion through the Kallikratis program in 2011. It is located in the center of the county, south of Heraklion city and includes the following Local Communities:

  • Venerato
  • Aygeniki
  • Kerasia
  • Siva



This two residential complexes (Old and New, 200 meters apart) which are 20 kilometers from Heraklion on the old Messara - Phaistos at an altitude of about 300 meters. The new settlement was created after 1955, while in the Old Venetian times.

The name of the village appears for the first time in a document of the Ducal Archives since 1369 and is present in all subsequent censuses to date.


Beautiful and rich village in the municipality of Heraklion Municipality situated at an altitude of 310 meters and is 20.7 km from Heraklion on the road to Messara - Phaistos.

First mentioned by name in 1391 Evgeniki (Courtesy) of the Duke in a document file and the 1577 is no missing inventory than they were in Crete. From the Egyptian census (1834) until today the village is registered Avgeniki.


The village of Kerasia integrated in municipality of Heraklion after Kallikratikis, Heraklion is the 20 km and lies at an altitude of 340 metres. It is built on the eastern slopes of the Hill "Halepa" with rich view of "plain of Kerasia ", the Lasithiotika mountains, the historic monastery of Paliani and the Hill «Kastellas», with the chapel of Saint Panteleimonas at the top.

The oldest reference to the name of the village is located in 1248 and in several other documents of the Ducal archives of Candia after that. From the first census (of Fr. Barozzi) 1577 onwards refers to all censuses until today.


The Siva is a village and namesake who also joined the Regional Municipal Territories of Heraklion''s municipality in accordance with the program "Kallikratis". Is built at an altitude of 280 meters and is 18.2 km. on the road of Heraklion – Crete.

The oldest record of the name of the village meets in his Ducal document of Candia in 1378. Then printed in all the recordings from 1577 until today. The most important historical presence of the 19th century (century of Cretan revolutions) in the village is that of Captain Ainikoliotis (from the village of Agios Nikolaos in the ruler) who acted especially during the revolution of 1866.


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