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Mobile Applications

Αpplications for Mobiles and Tablets about Heraklion City and Crete Island:

a journey into history... at every step

Α. 3D virtual tour of the Venetian City in 1640

Το Ηράκλειο της ενετοκρατίας


Heraklion is the Venetian, the Candia of 1640, enlivened through a dynamic implementation of virtual tour that allows the user (resident, visitor, educational community) to travel digitally through time and space and draw multifaceted and diverse information in Greek and English .
The novelty of this action is that the screen of the portable user device is converted into a "window" in time. As the user moves the application within the old city limits, through specific routes, the Venetian Candia unfolds before him. By using the GPS, compass and gyroscope, the city with its monuments, whether there are still today or come to some other use or have been lost over time, brings to the user's screen. An "experiential" in physical space and real-time tour of the historic town center, through new technologies and photorealistic three-dimensional representations. Texts, photos, narratives, offer more information about the monuments or for any particular points.


Β. An e-Guide to the Modern City

 Σύγχρονος ηλεκτρονικός οδηγός πόλης 


A modern electronic city tour guide for smart mobile devices (tablet, smartphones, android, iOs), where the user, depending on the interests and the time available, it has the opportunity to tour the city sights in an attractive aesthetic environment, with many photographs, texts and audio tour.

The top ten and 'self guided tour "of the city ...

For guests who do not have the required time, the "top ten" offers the most important sights of the city, while the "automatic audio guide 'informs them about the monuments located in their wake.

By selecting "Museums", visitors have a complete guide of the city's museums and the surrounding area, while for those seeking the city's peculiarities, their suggested walks in areas of particular interest, points striking the city 'heart' day night. In the sections "Venetian fortification" and "Venetian Harbour", the user knows from near the town of Venetian rule, the Candia that was the capital of the kingdom of Crete.


Heraklion City Guide (by H.P.A)

Heraklion City Guide

Your Destination Guide

Get the most out of your city break with Heraklion Port Authority City Guide.

Expert local knowledge in your pocket:. The app will help you track down the best bits on-the-go, featuring the lowdown on great museums, attractions, arts, entertainment and shopping for Heraklion.

Roam free: best of all, the Heraklion City Guide app is fully operative offline, so you won’t receive any nasty, unexpected roaming charges. Online connection (3G, WiFi) is required in order to update the content or to use Google Maps functionality.


My Crete Guide - Κρήτη

My Crete Guide - Κρήτη


The most complete and updated explorer assistant for Crete!

An  alternative exploration of  the Island into 40 categories and 2,000 POIs, custom filters, navigation guides & Navigation proposed routes without having to be connected to internet ...

The art of modern exploration on your mobile device!


Terra Mapping The Globe Ltd


 GooglePlay AppStore

Free Greek map application. We offer:
- Detailed maps at building level (!) For more than 1,700 cities / villages of Crete
- Search for an address, intersection, city / village
- Search POI 
-  8,000 attractions in 220 categories for the entire Crete


Cretan Beaches - Κρητικές Παραλίες
Cretan Beaches - Κρητικές Παραλίες

All Cretan Beaches in a single mobile application!

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