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This section provides information on the municipal services, corporations and organizations supervised by the Municipality of Heraklion. They have been created for the general benefit of the people.

Special care has been given to the youth through the creation of K.E.S.A.N - Prevention Center (Advisory Center for Young People).

The Municipality of Heraklion contributes to the conservation, documentation and enrichment of its cultural inheritance. Vikelaia Library preserves and promotes this inheritance, the history and the cultural identity of our land. The municipal archives of the library keep records of the long and turbulent history and culture of our land. A new initiative, the Editions of the Vikelaia Library and the foundation of a new bookshop (opposite the historic building of Loggia) promotes our cultural heritage. The Vikeleia Library organises seminars, lectures and literary events, and contributes to the cultural advancement of our town.

The youth centre is a cafe in the centre of the town, located just opposite the Loggia where the young people of our town have the opportunity to learn new skills, to form friendships and to collaborate on new projects and activities. The provision of free internet for all in an informal space makes a small contribution to the advancement of IT skills. In addition, the Municipality of Heraklion offers free exhibition space for youth wanting to make their creative work known to the public, allowing exploration of new media and subjects.

The Municipality funds various musical activities including bands and orchestras. These offer their services to the public and provide entertainment at times of national celebration and during the summer festival.

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