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K.E.S.A.N.(Youth Prevention and Advice Centre)

The Municipality of Heraklion contributes to the issue of drugs, through the creation of KE.S.A.N a Youth Prevention and Advice Centre that functions since 1990 with objectives:

  • The accurate and responsible dissemination of information and sensitization of young people, parents, teachers, general public and all interested institutions, for the prevention of drug use.
  • The active participation and involvement of young people in the confrontation not only of drugs use but also on wider social problems of their concern.

Activities of KE.S.A.N.

With the youth and the teachers

Provides information in schools to all the students and teachers.  

Organises sensitization meetings with the University of Crete, T.E.I. (Technical College) and the Army.

 Aids in the creation of activity groups that aim in the organization and delivery of cultural, ecological, cultural and sporting events.  

With the parents

 Offers Seminars, to the members of School Parent Associations and other parent associations that aim in:

  • the sensitization of parents related to communication issues within the family
  • their  involvement with the school community and its activities
  • dissemination of information related to drug prevention.
  • Advice and counseling of parents with addicted youth.

It also offers:

Youth Club Since November 1993 it offers a youth club to adolescents, providing cultural, ecological, athletic and recreational activities.

 Information on rehabilitation and prevention centres in Greece.   

 Guidance and advice to young people on Professional Orientation, CV writing, job search, funding etc.

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Contact details

Minoos & Mihail Archangellou
Postcode: 713.04 Heraklion Crete
Tel. 2810 - 253190 and 2810 313222
FAX: 2810 - 253190

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