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City Government

The Municipality of Heraklion provides local government services by supporting the economic, cultural, environmental, and social development of our city.

Housed in one of the most beautiful Venetian buildings of Heraklion, with a long and rich history, Loggia, the municipality combines ancient traditions with the provision of modern and efficient local authorities that cater to the needs of our residents, businesses and visitors.

The Mayor has an important role to play in the smooth running of the Municipality and its development. It is elected every four years and administers the municipality with the help of the Deputy Mayors, the Municipal Council, the Municipal Committee, the Chairmen of the Organizations and the Presidents of the Municipal Elements.

In addition to the usual services provided by local authorities such as the Municipal Library, the Registry Office, the Waste Collection, the Municipality of Heraklion performs several very special functions. Undertakes and implements European and Municipal Programs, takes care of landscaping of the city and contributes substantially to preserving our cultural heritage and encourages the development of arts and letters.

The Municipality of Heraklion, through its sustainable development philosophy, aims to share these benefits with the present and future generations of residents, businesses and workers.

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