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The Municipal Art Gallery The Municipal Art Gallery include in its possession a rich Collection of Works of Art which capture the evolution of artistic creation from the beginning of its foundation in Crete, to its most recent expressions. The original core of the works was created in parallel with the founding of the Municipality of Heraklion, enriched with donations from various artists, including works by renowned, recognized artists (Fanourakis, Markogiannakis, Tsarouchis, Vassiliou, Fasianos etc) to which a large market was added. Cretan painter, Domenikos Theotokopoulos, "The Baptism of Christ". Besides, Heraklion, during the Cretan Renaissance, created the famous school of Cretan Hagiography, which gave birth to worthy children, such as Dominikos Theotokopoulos, Damaskinos and so many others.




These exceptional works of art that are an integral part of the cultural heritage of Heraklion are entitled to their subsequent performance to the public in order to receive the recognition and place that belongs to them in the artistic and intellectual culture of the place. With the vehicle of new technologies and the development of digital culture, the important collection of works of art of the Municipality, is utilized with method and visionary design. As part of its promotion, in collaboration with the Institute of Technology and Research, the Digitization of the works of art of the collection was carried out and at the same time the online application for their promotion at the electronic address is being developed. Following the previous stage of development and after further study, documentation, recording, archiving and categorization of the collection, the appropriate social networks are developed that will enhance the good practices of new knowledge and communication technologies, based on the required multilingualism and content. , through participatory internet applications. In this way, the aim is to add the works of art of the collection to a wider global digital art repository and to display them more extensively, an integral part of the political extroversion of the culture of the Municipality of Heraklion in order to make this collection available internationally.

This page will also host the art exhibitions that take place in the building of the Municipal Gallery of Heraklion in the Basilica of St. Mark, which hosts a number of periodic exhibitions and will be presented to the world public through informing letters and posts.

The purpose of the social networks development for the Heraklion Municipal Art Gallery is an attractive presentation environment of the digital collection of exhibits in order to increase the number of visitors and the interest of the public for the Gallery. It also supports innovation in the way the visitor interacts with digital exhibits and modern ways of navigating the collections of works, broadcasting on a global scale due to its multilingual support.


Vice Mayor of Culture
Vice Mayor: Aristea T. Plevri
Art Gallery Manager: Marianna Gialiti 
Τ. +30 2813 409454  || e-mail: 


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