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D.A.O.I. The Municipal Athletics Organisation of Heraklion

The Municipality of Heraklion strongly encourages sports, both as a social activity and as a force for good in society. Heraklion is keen to further develop mass spectator-sports and continues to help in the creation and operation of athletic centres and athletic tourism. It launched, on 24th June 1991, the Municipal Athletic Organisation, (only in Greek) managed by a committee, the Administrative Council, made up of NEFA, the Association of Physical Education Teachers and associations of citizens.

Aims of the Organisation. D.A.O.I. helps to promote:

  1. The culture of good sportsmanship, part of the athletic ideal, plays a part in fighting of violence in athletic spaces.
  2. The growth of mass popular sports in the city, with the creation of events providing participation for residents.
  3. Contribution to the upgrade of scientific knowledge of sports and sporting challenges, with the organisation of seminars for academies.
  4. The creation and operation of athletics centres, gyms and spaces aimed at offering exercise to everyone.
  5. The maintainance and care of athletics facilities and the construction of new ones.
  6. The organisation of athletic events of all athletic activities in co-ordination with the corresponding associations.
  7. The collaboration and help for all athletic institutions and associations.
  8. The creation of possibilities of growth in athletic tourism in collaboration with government owned services; EEC, local authorities, enterprising and athletic institutions.
  9. The systematic effort toward the maintenance and promotion of athletic events in the region.

On the 31st of March 2004, the PanCretan (Pankritio) Stadium was inaugurated, allowing the city to host international competitions.


Contact Information

We are located on the 2nd Floor of the Esperia Hotel, and we can be reached by post at the following address;

Dimotikos Athlitikos Organismos Irakliou, Loggia Council Building, Agiou Titou 1, 71202, Heraklion, Greece.

Or call us; Stamatia Papadaki (2810 343304), or Nikos Toulis or Sinanis Sotiris (2810 343324).


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