Cretan Sounds

The Vikelas Library has been a major contributor in the art sphere, organizing various exhibitions and events. It hosts an Audiovisual Department , whose main purpose is the collection of visual and acoustic archive material, as well as providing the library with the electronic - audiovisual support necessary for its events. The department also accommodates a ‘Cinema Club’, which was established eight years ago and operates in collaboration with members of the old Cinema Club of Heraklion. The archive library, particularly, contains rare video documents of historical events, research projects, speeches and lectures. In addition, there are interviews with important figures of Cretan culture. Through these documents, many aspects of culture, are presented and not only Cretan. There are topics concerning Literature, Poetry, Philosophy, Music, History and so on. Even more important, there are abstracts from great personalities, who assisted the development of the Vikelas Library. In conclusion, there is rare acoustic document from the radio station of the Polytechnic School.