Italian architect Guseppe Gerola

Italian architect Guseppe Gerola was born in 1877 and died in 1938. Around the 1900s he was sent to Crete as the head of a crew by the Venice Art and Culture Scientific Institute, to study, photograph and record all Venetian monuments in Crete before time passage consumed them.
It took him two years to complete his mission, during which he visited every corner of the island. When he went back to Venice he delivered all the material he had carefully gathered to his assignor, the Institute. Based on the material, the Institute published an exceptional collection consisting of five volumes,entitled “Venetian Monuments of the Cretan Island”. The second volume of the collection refers to churches of Crete and has been translated in Greek by Stergios Spanakis and published by the Cretan Municipality and Community Association (1993) under the publishing supervision of the “V.M.L.”. read more    

See his photos:
The castle of Heraklion

Public Buildings and churches

Fountains and ruins