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Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Service: D.E.Y.A.I.

The Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Service of Heraklion (D.E.Y.A.I.), was founded in 1983 and is governed by law N.1069/80. It is a publicly owned non profit utility. The mission of DEYAI is the study, manufacture, maintenance, exploitation, administration and operation of networks of water supply and sewerage, dirty water and rainwater, and the treatment of liquid waste in the region of Heraklion, as stipulated in law N.1069/80.


The Public can contact the following offices:

1. Central Office: Vironos1, 4th floor, office number 1. Tel. 2810 229.913 (ext. 229, 239)

2. Accounts Payments: Vironos and Almirou, Tel. 2810 229.913 (ext. 240,241,242)

3. Information: with regard to the account of Water, Department of Water Meters; Vironos number1, Agios Dimitrios Square, Tel. 2810 229.913 (ext. 248, 249)

4. Water Distribution Problems- Network Damage- Maintenance: Skordilon 43, Old Municipal Baths Tel. 1202

5. Water Quality Problems: Chemical Laboratory, Installations of Biological Cleaning DEYAI, Finikia, Heraklion Tel. 2810 314.57

DEYAI is managed by an Administrative Council that is composed of 6 Municipal Advisers which are elected by the Municipal Council of Heraklion, 1 representative of the Municipality of Nea Alikarnassos, 1 representative of a Social institution, 2 citizens familiar with the services of Water Supply and Sewerage and 1 representative of the workers of the Enterprise. The Administrative Council manages the Enterprise and its finances.

There are 2 Committees: a) The Committee of article 5 paragraph 3 of N.1069/80. This is composed of 5 members of the Administrative Council and examines subjects which do not require any control by the Regional Administration of Heraklion and b) The Committee of Complaints and Resolution of Differences. It is composed of 3 members of the Administrative Council and examines citizens'' objections and complaints.

The Organisation of the Enterprise is as follows: Administrative Council, General Director, Legal Adviser, Technical Adviser, Administrative and Financial Services. Also within this structure are; Offices of Secretariat and Administrative Care, Publicity and Communication, Computerisation, Accounts Department, Management of Materials and Reserves, Control of Revenues, Measurement of Water Meter, Human Resources, Secretariat of Chairman and Director, Secretariat of Administrative Council, Technical Service (Departments of Geological Studies, Manufacture and Supervision of Work, Electromechanical Equipment, Operation and Maintenance of Networks, New Connections, Control and Treatment of Water and Sewage, Studies and Manufacturers of Technical Work).

The total number of Personnel amounts today to 188 individuals with various specialities such as Engineers, Mechanics, Geologists, Chemists,  Technical Workers and employees of Administrative and Financial Services.

The provision of services of DEYAI apart from the area of Heraklion and Nea Aljkarnassos includes the Settlements of Syllamos, Vasilies, Agios Vlassis, Voutes, Stavrakia, Skalani and Dafnes. Thus DEYAI is responsible for the maintenance of hundreds of kilometres of interior and exterior networks, the distribution of water due to water shortages, the operation of the Biological Station, the protection of the Water, Waste Management etc.

For New Connection with the Networks of Water Supply and Sewerage, the Citizen should bring: Building Authorisation from the Urban Planning Dept. of the Municipality, in regard to the water supply of any real estate.

In cases where planning permission and real estate clearance has not been granted, Certification of Water Supply considered by the Urban Planning Dept. ( Daskalogianni Square) is required. If there exists upon the real estate a water meter belonging to another party, a copy of this account is also required. The interested parties will be asked to fill in an application form.

Following receipt of supporting documents, the Service will carry out an on-site check; the applicant pays the connection charge, the fitting of the meter and the relative cost for installation of piping. The applicant will then be considered a customer of the Water and Sewerage Networks.


Contact Information

Address: Vironos 1, Saint Dimitrios Square
Tel: 2810-229913
Fax: 2810-342257

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