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Rights of Citizens - General

  1. All citizens should know (and demand) that:
    • Answer without failure all citizen's applications. When this is not possible they should report the exact reasons (provisions, laws, etc.) that justify their rejection.
    • To transmit the citizen's applications, in case they were submitted to the incorrect service, to the accountable service within 5 days and to inform the citizen.
    • To complete the citizen's affairs within 60 days at the latest. In cases where there are more than one service involved, the deadline is extended by 15 more days (75 days).
    • To immediately provide simple information, testimonial and certifications and in cases that this is not possible, in10 days at the latest (cases related to issuing retirement pensions are excluded).
  2. All services must:

    In cases where the service does not observe the above reported deadlines, the citizen can ask for examination of their case by the Citizen's Ombudsman and request compensation from the Committee according to the article 5 N.1943/1991.

  3. Each citizen has a right to be informed on any personal document with a simple application, without being compelled to report the reasons. Exempt are documents that refer to the familial life of a third person, when there is violation of privacy, when juridicial and police research impended and finally when the particular prohibition has been ordered by ministerial decision.
  4. The Citizen has the right to enjoy services of quality. The State is compelled to establish hours of reception to the public as well as to serve citizens according to a priority system. The citizens have the right to submit their applications by phone to the number 1502 and to request administrative information by phone from 177.
  5. The services are compelled to facilitate the citizen in the filling-out of their applications, to stamp and issue application numbers, to ratify photocopies of public documents from the original, to verify the authenticity of signatures, to contact citizens by phone and to inform them for the progress of their claim, to provide application forms and to sell formal statements and stamps.

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