Where to Stay

Heraklion offers many fine hotels of A, B and C category, bed and breakfast and rooms for rent, which are host to visitors all the year round, and most tourist, car and motorbike rental offices facilitate the visitor and give guidance in touring the beautiful island of Crete, its coasts and beautiful countryside.

As an indication, some of the hotels in Heraklion are:

  • Galaxy Hotel, *****, 75 Dimokratias st, Heraklion, 2810-238812
  • GDM Megaron Luxury Hotel, *****, 9 Mpofor st, Heraklion, 2810-305300
  • Astoria Capsis Hotel, ****, Eleytherias sq, Heraklion, 2810-343080
  • Olive Green Hotel, ****, Meramvellou & Idomeneos str, Heraklion, 2810-302900
  • Atrion Hotel, Class B, 6 Chronaki st, Heraklion, 2810-246000
  • Lato Hotel, Class B, 15 Epimenidou st, Heraklion, 2810-228103
  • Mediterranean Hotel, Class B, Daskalogianni sq, Heraklion, 2810-289331
  • Castello Hotel, Class C, 1 62 Martyron st, Heraklion, 2810-251212
  • El Greco Hotel, Class C, 1821 st, Heraklion, 2810-281071
  • Olympic Hotel, Class C, Kornarou sq, Heraklion, 2810-288861
  • Marin Dream Hotel, Class C, 12 Mpofor st, Heraklion, 2810-300019
  • Kastro Hotel, Class C, 22 Thetokopoulou st, Heraklion, 2810-284185
  • Αthinaikon Hotel, Class C, 89 Εth.Antistaseos st, Heraklion, 2810-229312

Also, there are a large number of smaller hotels and rooms for rent, as well as larger hotels, in neighbouring municipalities that function only during the tourist period.


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