Mayor's Greeting

Dear Citizen,

Heraklion, a most dynamic city in the field of Letters, Arts and Commerce, has for many years now commenced upon the plan of a complete and pioneering model of development.

The coastal front, the many new junctions, the restorations in the historic city, all create a new location changing the picture of our city. Today however, when we are planning for the future, we are obliged both to take advantage of and to invest in the New Technologies, if we justifiably wish as a city to pursue a place of pioneering, not only on the Hellenic but also on the European and Global Stage.

So within our planning are included two basic fields of action, the "Society of Knowledge" and the "Digital Culture". Important works have already been accomplished and are indeed still being carried out in the above fields and are beginning "step by step" to reach the stage of use and of valorization both by the citizens of our city and by the visitors to our city (both real and/or virtual)

One of the firsts works which is slowly being given over to use is the Municipal Portal through which are provided, in a unified way, many and various services in all the fields

  • provision of services of electronic government on four levels according to international standards
  • services of electronic democracy such as referenda, the forming of opinions, participation in discussion forums and the promotion of decisions of the Municipal Council
  • electronic promotion of the historical city of Heraklion which gives the opportunity to the visitor to the portal to take information about the history of our city at the level at which they wish, from a simple tour up to academic research
  • digitalization of the local newspapers and of the archive material of the Vikeleia library
  • Management of data using Geographical Information Systems which will allow us to resolve many of the chronic problems in the field of civic town planning

At the same time works of contemporary digital substructure are being carried out, such as the creation of centres of free Internet free Access and the construction of Greater/Metropolitan Networks of Fibre Optic Cables which will bring the municipal services, enterprises and the citizen into the era of the EuroZone

These works are being completed in a series of interventions which the Municipality considers as its obligation to provide to the citizens. The citizens have the right to

  • easy and quick access to the Internet for all
  • provision of services of electronic government
  • creation of digital content
  • strengthening of electronic democracy

For this reason the planning has already begun of the next phase which we have code-named Digital Her@klion. Our aim is to make our city literally take off and to give it the ability to be placed in a pioneering place of developments equally in the field of commerce, as well as in the fields of Culture, Knowledge and Innovation. Our rich history, and the very nature of our city, and the dynamism of our personnel demand it.